Interior Systems Mechanic Ensures Quality | Midwest Group
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Interior Systems Mechanic Ensures Quality


ensures quality

The drywall and ceiling industry is only as good as the skills an Interior System Mechanic (ISM) provides. Interior Systems Mechanics installation quality is determined by the amount of hands on experience acquired through the involvement in drywall projects. Quality is an attribute of good field mentoring and experience combined; a drywall workers field experience increases their drywall application skills through a focus on problem-solving and critical thinking rather than memorization and repetition. This includes installation techniques towards framing, cladding, joint taping and installing drywall boards.

Midwest Group prides itself on providing quality work to our clients and in order to maintain this legacy we strive to have a highly skilled employee base. At Midwest, the title “Interior Systems Mechanic” represents people who are an integral part of the business.

Interior Systems Mechanics (ISM) play a vital role within the construction industry of commercial and residential buildings, installing a variety of wall and ceiling systems for interior and exterior finishes.

The trade encompasses the formation and installation of non-load bearing steel stud framework (non-combustible) for gypsum materials in residential and commercial structures. Another important skill they possess is the ability to install suspended ceilings; this encompasses suspended ceiling framework installation, plastering ceilings, acoustical grid ceilings, linear metal ceilings and any custom ceilings.

Midwest Group employs Interior Systems Mechanics to deliver quality, service and completion to our clients.