Bow Tower Executive Space | Midwest Group
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Bow Tower Executive Space

Bow Tower

Executive Space

The Bow is Calgary’s tallest building and is located in the heart of downtown. Picked by Avenue Magazine as one of the top 20 buildings that helped to make Calgary into the city it is today; this 58-storey glass and steel building currently towers over the downtown core.

Midwest’s scope of work included the supply/install of a prefabricated structural support system for the custom wood wall and the supply/install for the custom wood ceiling system.

The Bow’s executive space included a custom wood wall system that was built using an Engineered HSS structural support system that was prefabricated, shipped to site in sections and installed.

Attached to the HSS structure was insulated backing board to provide acoustical absorption and a radius steel stud wall for creating the compound radius needed for the wood panels. The wall panels were then finished with a custom walnut veneer.

We also successfully supplied and installed the custom wood ceiling systems. The wood ceiling consisted of Flat Panel Series 5 product with a walnut veneer from Architectural Components Group Inc. This perforated flat panel allows the sound waves to pass through the spacing controls to ensure a specific amount of sound absorption in the room.