Rapid Response | Midwest Group
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Rapid Response Team

The Midwest Rapid Response Team has a passion for providing quality work for clients. With 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Midwest has built its reputation on providing professional, polite and qualified journeyman tradesmen that complete projects with minimal disruption to the client.


Our team provides professional, rapid response, after-hours work and 24/7 availability to contractors & project managers in occupied or unoccupied spaces. Repair work is done with little to no interruption or disturbance.


Safety is important in all aspects of Midwest, and RRT is no exception. We are LEED compliant and dedicated to creating safe work environments through continuous training. Our team of highly skilled technicians take pride in completing projects safely, on time and to the clients’ expectations.


• Glazing
• Carpentry, Millwork and Woodwork Installation
• Sound Proofing for Office Interiors (Drywall Baffles & Insulation)
• Installation of Doors and Frames
• Wall and Ceiling repairs/ patching
• Ceiling Tile & T-Bar Repairs
• Drywall Repairs following flood damage
• Access Panels (Walls & Ceilings)
• Priming & Painting