Safety | Midwest Group
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Safety Culture

We believe safety is more than just a list of rules to follow. Our full safety program allows the team to understand individual responsibilities, which creates better environments. Safety implementation supplies our employees with the knowledge to identify poor conditions or a dangerous site, to prevent accidents.

On the job site, we must consider the lives of others. Looking out for each other is imperative and enhances teamwork within the company. Learning construction site safety is critical to a healthy and safe environment. Our secret to success is providing mandatory safety training with some technical aspects to our employees. They are all given equal opportunities to excel in the office, and on-site.


Site safety is also improved and maintained through daily Hazard Assessments and bi-weekly inspections. The hazard assessments are used to identify, record, and control existing or potential hazards to prevent accidents. All employees are responsible for completing and participating in performing hazard assessments as required. The supervisors at the site are responsible for ensuring that corrective or hazard reduction actions are identified in the hazard assessment process and are implemented and communicated in their areas of responsibility. The increased responsibility of each individual leads to a combined effort to reduce hazards and create a healthier and safe working environment.

We believe that safety is a journey, not a destination. There is always something new to learn about ways to develop your on and off-site health and safety procedures.