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Client Recognition


by Kaz Drahotsky,
Project Manager

Like any relationship, a business relationship requires effort and attention. When I get asked why it is important to show client recognition, the answer is simple – fostering client relationships promotes a long-standing profitable business. Without the strong ties we have created with many of our clients, Midwest Group would not be as successful as it is today.

Many people believe that recognition only involves gifts or events, but I disagree. True – these things can help build and strengthen a business relationship, but I also think that recognition is better shown through every day actions. Go over and above the clients’ expectations, be respectful, and stay that extra half hour to complete important tasks.

The National Music Centre is one of the most significant projects I think of when discussing client recognition. This was the very first job we worked on with CANA, and because of our service, expertise, and professionalism, the completion of this project has led to several high profile, large scale projects.

Our clients do a lot for us, and acknowledging them goes a long way. Additional tips I would suggest are to make a good first impression, be prompt, presentable, and polite, and communicate in a timely manner. Show the client that you care about them and their time, and you may be surprised at the opportunities that arise!