Corporate Social Responsibility – Why It Matters | Midwest Group
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Corporate Social Responsibility – Why it Matters


Why It Matters

by Greg Barnes,

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become very popular among companies across the globe, and it is quickly becoming an expectation that corporations should participate.

An average of $3 billion is given to the charitable sector from corporations in Canada every year.

Sounds like a lot of money, right?
So why do it?

There are numerous benefits to organizations that genuinely commit to CSR including: higher return on assets, greater employee and customer engagement, and a boost in employee morale. CSR also enables corporations to differentiate themselves. Nowadays, consumers and investors are looking for companies that demonstrate transparency, strength, and trustworthiness.

Corporate giving is mutually beneficial to those involved. Nonprofits receive the much-needed revenue, volunteers, and resources to stay afloat, and companies enhance corporate culture. The most important question is: why aren’t more companies committed to giving back?

Here is something for you to consider; how are you participating? Is your organization giving back to the community? Remember: giving back doesn’t necessarily mean money. You can donate time and resources as well!