Esker Art Gallery | Midwest Group
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Esker Art Gallery


Art Gallery

Our Rapid Response Team services a wide variety of commercial drywall repairs in Calgary. From offices to dental facilities to schools, our team of professional tradesmen are qualified to work in art galleries, too!

A privately funded gallery in Calgary, Esker Foundation Contemporary Art Gallery seeks to spark dialogue and awareness of contemporary art. The foundation is committed to the development of new work and research in the field, and displays pieces reflecting local, national, and international culture.

With exhibits changing quarterly, the Midwest Group Rapid Response Team is proud to partner with the Esker Foundation to adjust their space as required. Most recently, Midwest completed the framing, boarding, and taping of 56’ x 10’ of wall space, and 520 sq.ft. of drywall ceiling. The wall serves as a backdrop for the exhibit A wall is just a wall (and nothing more at all) by Kapwani Kiwanga that will be on display until May 6, 2018.

Check out Esker Foundation’s website to learn more about this thought-provoking exhibit, or visit the gallery (admission is free!)