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Ethics in Business

In Business

by Brent Logan,
Team Leader

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing ethics is ‘doing the right thing’. This concept extends not only to personal aspects but relates to business practices as well. It is important to recognize that acting ethically might not immediately provide the most satisfying results. Often, there is no instant gratification from taking ethical measures. It can easily become frustrating and discouraging when we feel as though there is no benefit from acting ethically, but there truly is! It may just take some time to see positive results. My advice for any employee faced with an ethical dilemma is this:

  1. do what you know is right even if it is not the most favourable decision;
  2. think about the long game rather than short-term;
  3. most importantly, have patience.

Transparency is one of the key pieces that everyone should know about ethics in the workplace. This is our golden rule at Midwest Group and I believe that it should be a part of every company’s values.

It ties into the notion that we do the same things and act the same way –whether we’re being observed by another employee or a manager. By doing this, we can demonstrate our accountability and earn the respect of others.

I also strongly believe that ethical business practices are shown through what we do, rather than what we say. Words have no meaning until we put an action to them. Through these actions, we build strong relationships with staff members, vendors, and clients. Transparency, accountability, and honesty are all attractive attributes to the public!

Always keep in mind that being ethical requires patience. Make it a goal to be transparent in your work and take actions that will encourage trust among others. The benefits of acting ethically will come, it may just take some time for them to become apparent.