Industry Focus: The Drywall Contract in Arts Projects | Midwest Group
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Industry Focus: The Drywall Contract in Arts Projects


Drywall in Arts

When members of the public visit a gallery or museum, they attend to enjoy and learn about the venue’s collections and exhibits. How important is the construction behind the finished product? Could inferior workmanship in the base construction take away from the venue’s intended effect on a visitor?

The answer is yes. Here are three important roles construction plays in enhancing overall experience at an attraction:

1. It serves as a backdrop. Base building construction should enhance a collection or display, not detract from it. This means well-built structures and flawless finishes. Imagine a piece of art displayed on a wall beside an unintentional imperfection. Would the artwork have the same effect on the viewer? An example of how construction can serve as a backdrop is our involvement in Esker Foundation Contemporary Art Gallery’s exhibits. In 2018, we completed the drywall scope to the highest standard of finishing to achieve the desired effect of the display.

2. It achieves the desired design intent. During construction on the Studio Bell by National Music Centre, our role in the project was incredibly involved, including interpreting and creating solutions to reflect the designer’s intent.

Our experienced operations team came together to develop unconventional methods to build the intricate details, curves, and slopes for which the building is famous. Once clad in impressive terra cotta tiles, the visitor’s experience upon entry to the museum is significant.

3. It draws in and retains visitors. Upon completion, Nutrien Wonderhub is set to become a major, world-class attraction in Saskatoon. A museum created with the intent to stimulate young minds must be fun and eye-catching while maintaining excellence in acoustic performance. The project has numerous specialty products, each with an important purpose in the overall design and that require precise installation to achieve the desired effect. From floating cloud ceilings to acoustic panels on the walls, the result is sure to create an enjoyable experience for visitors and inspire them to return time and time again.

When selecting sub trades for an arts venue project, it is important to note that overall commitment to quality workmanship will create a visible effect on the complete project. As always, we like to hear the specifics of your unique projects, and how we can create value that will inspire current and future generations for many years to come.