Legacy | Midwest Group
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The dictionary defines Legacy as ‘a gift that is conveyed from one person to another’. A corporate legacy is comprised of relationships, accomplishments, values and beliefs. One must face significant milestones, continuous development and change.


The concept of change is a ‘make or break’ in business. Industries change, workforces change, management changes and the economy changes. Some companies aren’t capable of changing with evolving trends, technologies and cultures. Being stuck in one mindset proves detrimental as there is no relevance, progression or education over time. Alternatively, the inability to understand corporate history distorts brand authenticity and consistency. Acknowledging and respecting the culture and what has been accomplished to date is of immense value. Building on this foundation and carefully weaving it into plans for the future is the key to growth and success.


We believe construction is both an art and a science. The combination of hard facts (ie: good quality) and human experience (ie: good service) create a business model that is second-to-none. This challenging feat would be impossible without the commitment, creativity and persistence of all team members – past and present. Our team is passionate and emotionally invested in our work – and we believe that Team is the key ingredient to our success.


In 2018, Midwest celebrated 30 years of Quality, Service and Completion in the Calgary area. The anniversary represents not only our tenure, but also our ability to overcome amazing obstacles like the economic downturn, skilled labour shortages, and of course – all 90’s fashion. 


The following is a sneak peak of the milestone celebrations!