Living the Legacy | Midwest Group
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Living the Legacy

the Legacy

by Ron Barnes,
President & CEO

Who better to discuss legacy than President & CEO, Ron Barnes? We caught up with Ron and asked him about entrepreneurship, the anniversary, and advice for anyone wanting to start their own company.

Q: Ron, what was your initial vision for Midwest?

A: I worked in the construction industry after completing my secondary education. From the experience working in the drywall trade, I developed the vision of a quality and time-driven commercial drywall company.

Q: Talk about what it was like at the beginning of Midwest and being an entrepreneur.

A: Since I had been working a bit before Midwest, I had solid business relationships and a phenomenal support system in my family. I found that Alberta has a ‘can-do’ attitude which is the perfect foundation for entrepreneurship. There was a need in the industry for what Midwest offered, and projects would come to us because we had a unique offering in the market. The energy industry and supporting services provided a perfect market, quality driven, rapid growth, and top-level clients.

Q: What are you planning for the big 3-0 celebration?

A: We have a lot going on in 2018 that I’m really excited about. The success of Midwest isn’t just internal, however, so we plan on giving back to the community as much as we can. We will be volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, Inn from the Cold, and the Drop-In Centre. In addition, we have an exclusive client night planned, an employee appreciation event, and a few other surprises that the team is still working on…. watch this space!

Q: If you had just one piece of advice for new entrepreneurs, what would it be?

A: “Find your niche in the market and fill it.” Prior to embarking on any business endeavour, the visionary needs to step back and look at the whole concept. Plan around outcomes…ensure your plan or product is needed by the market, not just something that motivates you. This is most important – ask the market!  Make sure you are supplying the market with innovation; something that isn’t already available. Being a leader of innovation in your industry is a success and enables milestones no one can ever take from you. Surround yourself with energy, and draw on motivated, informed people. The most progress comes from relationships.