Midwest Gets Certified! | Midwest Group
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Midwest Gets Certified!

Hilti Firestop


For the past 30 years, Midwest Group has aimed to be a leader in commercial drywall construction in Calgary through a culture of continuous improvement. Most recently, a team of Midwest staff received training and certification in the estimating and application of Hilti Firestop systems.

Hilti is the industry leader in the development of firestop products. While fire protection systems are required by code on all projects, Hilti manufactures their systems to prevent the spread of fire as well as smoke; a leading cause of fatalities in building fires.

Midwest Group’s certified staff can now estimate cost and material on project specifications, make recommendations, and install the product to code requirements. For general contractors, this means:

  1. they will not need to hire a third party firestop contractor on projects,
  2. Midwest Group can provide accurate estimates on firestop specifications, and
  3. they will have the assurance the product will be installed to code, avoiding time-consuming inspection failures.

For more information on Midwest Group’s firestop services, please contact us.