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Midwest Gives Back – BB4CK

Brown Bagging

For Calgary’s Kids

On Tuesday, March 6th, a selection of Midwest Group staff had the incredible experience of volunteering for Calgary charity Brown Bagging 4 Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK).

BB4CK has one goal: No hungry kids in Calgary. Working with local schools, BB4CK makes over four thousand lunches each school day to provide the nourishment needed for each child to learn at full potential.

Upon arrival, Midwest staff assembled 1,053 sandwiches that were then packed and dropped off at participating schools by BB4CK volunteers.

After that, we assisted in preparing healthy snacks, including cutting up fruit and vegetables and baking healthy cookies and granola bars. At the end of our shift, we helped clean and sanitize the kitchen, ready for the next day’s work.

Impressed and humbled by our experience, Midwest staff look forward to more opportunities to work with BB4CK. The charity provides extraordinary support to the future of Calgary’s kids, and we are thankful we could be a small part of it.

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