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Midwest Memories


by Garry Buzzard,
Estimating & Client Relations

When thinking back over 17 years with Midwest Contracting, it is easy to get a bit nostalgic about the “good old days” when things appeared simpler. Technology was not the inescapable force that it is now. It is hard to imagine now how we functioned without cell phones, computers, or even a fax machine in the office.

The four of us in the office (yes, it was only four!) somehow managed to generate over 7 million dollars of annual business with only paper, rulers, and a typewriter. Projects were negotiated with a handshake, and everyone cared more about co-operation than contracts.

As rosy as all this may seem in hindsight, we work in a very different world now. It has been exciting to watch and be a part of the growth and changes Midwest has undergone.

When I started, I would not have imagined being involved in projects with the scope and scale of the National Music Centre or working out in Saskatchewan to build a hospital.

When I look at the large building projects we are tendering now, I am proud of how far we have come. Midwest has always been a company that dreamed big. I am even more proud that we have grown and adapted without sacrificing the core values of quality, commitment, and service. Yes, we can accurately quote large scale, complex tenders, but I am happy that customers still come to us for a budget based solely on an idea and a napkin sketch. That level of trust is worth more than any spreadsheet or contract can measure.

Looking back is always fun, but the real excitement is looking forward to where we are going.