Nordstrom, Chinook Centre | Midwest Group
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Nordstrom, Chinook Centre


Chinook Centre

The finished Nordstrom store located in Chinook Centre, Calgary, features a diverse range of products. Our scope of work for the 137,259 square foot space included finished ceilings, steel stud walls and a Unistrut package.

A few of the products that this project utilized include:

1. Aluminum Fry Reglet lighting reveal that was crafted from high-grade 6063-T5 aluminum and contains up to 70% recycled content.

2. Formglas Columns with glass-fibre-reinforced gypsum  – this material is often specified because of its lightweight, superior strength and ease of installation; it is the bridge to shapes and curves for the drywall/plasterboard trades.

3. Cloud Ceilings with a level 5 finish that were hung with pencil rod.

4. CertainTeed Ceiling tiles –  BET 197 & BQCL 224 Baroque Ceiling Tile.

5. CGC Tile –  56091 Sheetrock Clean Room Tile

6. Unistrut systems 1-5/8″ were supplied and installed for display units throughout the entire store.

7. One of the most noticeable features that we installed in this space is the stunning 9Wood ceilings.They are made of eucalyptus plain sliced veneer with a clear, pre-catalyzed lacquer and with a satin sheen finish. The wood ceiling utilizes a tongue and groove system that provides a closed reveal look and creates a continuous, monolithic ceiling field.

Midwest is pleased to have been a part of the construction of the first Nordstrom location in Canada!