Not Feeling Prepared For Work. | Midwest Group
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Not Feeling Prepared For Work.

When did you graduate? Think back to that day and try to remember what it felt like.

Fast forward a few months to your first job. Also, try to remember what that felt like.

Do you remember feeling prepared for the interview, but then landing the job and struggling to learn the skills you thought you had?

It turns out this is common. A large majority of students feel their school has not prepared them for the challenges they face at work. This seems contradictory to the purpose of school because technically it’s supposed to give you the knowledge you will need for your profession.

The future of education needs to change, to narrow the gap between school and work. Businesses that offer internships benefit because they don’t waste time or money on a full-time worker, that may end up quitting anyway. Internships offer both the business and the student a chance to learn basic professional skills like:

  1. Self-control and Behavior around colleagues.
  2. Building trust from the first impression
  3. The student gains experience in that field of work, which will assist them in the future no matter what job they happen to get.
  4. The student doesn’t feel pressure to succeed quickly, because they will have an opportunity to show their strengths over some time.

Education is expensive and not everyone has the resources to pay thousands of dollars for tuition. Many universities understand this and offer online programs like what you get in the classroom. Getting a degree online has many benefits like a flexible work schedule, reduced costs, and improves time management skills.

An online degree allows students to have a job at the same time.

Before entering the workforce, learning how to trust people is very important. Trust is the building block to career advancement and success. Teams can be more efficient when the leader knows everyone has the same vision and is actively working to achieve the main goal. When trust has been established, everything else comes after that.