World of Modular 2015 | Midwest Group
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World of Modular 2015

World of

Modular 2015

This past week some our staff attended the 2015 World of Modular Conference at the Bellagio in Las Vegas hosted by the Modular Building Institute!

The event was organized and well-executed by all that were involved. A vast amount of effort was put into the seminars and into the exhibition booths. The host of the event, MBI, is a nonprofit organization that represents modular builders, engineers and architects and its members consist of manufacturers and contractors. Their goal is to expand the use of offsite construction through innovative construction practices, outreach and education to the construction community.

Our team was able to learn a lot and receive valuable insight through the seminars provided by General Contractors, Architects and Engineers with a passion for modular construction. As well as expand their knowledge to the possibilities that modular building practices have in our industry.

Next year, the 2016 World of Modular Conference is to be held in San Diego!

Thank you to all those involved from the MBI for your hard work and effort – see you in 2016!!